Wood Wood Fall/Winter 2017

Often menswear shows, especially when viewed in a consecutive order, are a barrage of sartorial conventionality. In the current epoch where men’s garmenting is forging a new level of expression and extending restrictive boundaries, the shows are more like an Olympics of unorthodoxy. Who can be more outside the box than the last. The result of this is typically a catalogue of exciting clothes that appear incredibly banal because they have been featured so many times in so many subtle variations. This can prove to be frustrating. However, one can account for the fact that banal or not the level of polish in certain design entities over others is keenly of note. Wood Wood is one such entity whose level of polish in their relatively unoriginal product offering is superb. There is recognizable individuality in the energy and ensemble assemblage of the label’s Fall/Winter collection. Creative director Karl-Oskar Olsen has ingrained an approachability in Wood Wood’s presentative appeal. The garments are laconic and do not require aggressively over-stimulated explanation to be a considered attainment for a fashion fan. Making good looking clothes that do not feel pedantic or pretentious to the naked eye is a skill that Olsen has perfected.