Walter Van Beirendonck Fall/Winter 2017

In the world of apparel it can be hard to gauge when obscurity is a gimmicky crutch or when it is genuinely creative expression. Underneath the bells and whistles of Walter Van Beirendonck’s Fall/Winter collection, are fantastically market ready and easy to wear pieces. With just a taste of off-beat whim and out of the box conceptualistic flair. From tailored pants in majestic hues and prints to camel and olive overcoats in handwoven animal patterns. The theatrics are markers of a fully engaged presentation, one that does not seek to simply showcase clothes but to establish the mood, theme and perspective behind the garments being presented. As a founding member of the Antwerp Six there is a consecrated pedigree to be considered here. Irrespective of Beirendonck’s weight in the fashion industry, what he has presented here is what elevated design with focused vision, proficient skill and sartorial awareness looks like.