Vivienne Westwood Spring/Summer 2018


Ever the environmentalist and fierce activist, Vivienne Westwood sought to strike a chord with her audience this season when it comes to global issues the fashion industry is responsible for such as overconsumption and pollution. These themes played out in the clothes, such as fishnet stockings trapping waste and soda cans, and sandals made up of discarded bottles. Some abstract words and commentary also made its way onto shredded shirts and torn sweaters including multiple zeroes seemingly indicating the excessive amount of money consumers are spending on disposable items. Other clashing elements made up the rest of the collection, including child-like scribbles, a motif of playing cards, and clownish makeup. Amongst all this noise and clutter, some very aesthetically-pleasing, wearable pieces emerged, such as colorful plaid shirts, finely-tailored suiting, and monochromatic loungewear. Ms. Westwood's statement, which she has uttered in the past outspokenly, seemed to be one of "buy less, buy better quality." The raucous nature of the overtly puzzling yet circus-like pieces appeared to resemble the "excessive, cheap, and throw-away" items consumers are fixated on. The aforementioned, high-quality blazers, sweaters and shirts, then, dovetail nicely with the investment pieces Westwood wants you to focus on and purchase, thus allowing you to play your part in "saving the rainforests" slowly but surely.