Vetements Fall/Winter 2017

Shock! Whether through the age of the models featured, the homeliness of the models featured or the lighter heels donned by the models featured, shock value is the only trend maintained by Demna Gvasalia at Vetements. For Fall/Winter 2017 it seems that the reigning motif for the brand is abstract pedestrian. Literally dressing the average day walker in streetwear staples with exaggerated proportions. The thrill of seeing Tom, Dick and Jane strut off-rhythmically down the runway in reimagined silhouettes adds to the trope of cutting edge that is at the crux of this revolutionary entity. Vetements is not in a lane of its own, it has invented a completely different wavelength within the industry. Utilitarianism is whimsically fused with innovation and Avant Garde design. What separates Gvasalia from the likes of Galliano is that the former has the disposition and eye of an unrestricted pragmatist, while the latter is singularly imaginative in concept. What the aforementioned calls for is very original takes on very banal styles of garmenting. Where the distinction is made clearly this time is in Gvasalia’s “street casting” where we can see just how (save for the heels) unpretentiously wearable his creations are in the context of the everyday. Trust, if more of the working population could afford the threads offered, more metropolitan sidewalks would look like this Vetements runway show.