Versace Fall/Winter 2017

Menswear is never an afterthought at the House of Versace. Donatella and her creative team are always finding novel ways to reinvigorate the men’s sector of their design dynasty. Whether that manifests in the form of hot red leather pants or hair slicked over model’s face like overgrown bangs, the mental processing and layers of effort are always indicative in their presentations. No matter how creatively inclined a menswear designer is, said person must always prioritize practicality above all else because we may be leaning towards genderless frocks but we are not quite there yet. The team at Versace has a comprehensive understanding of the latter fact, and it always makes for garments that men of all stylistic curves can integrate into their wardrobes. This collection is a guideline in effortful merging of the intriguing with the useful. Coming from the oversaw output of Donatella Versace, would one expect anything less?