Valentino Spring/Summer 2018


Performance and athletic gear has been creeping up on the runway of some of the most establish luxury designers for several seasons now. This shift in lifestyle has seemingly created a domino effect where virtually everyone wants a piece of the action. Pierpaolo Piccioli, who's crafted that puritan, lady-like beauty for the women's line, shifts into another gear for men's, creating a sporty, urban vibe for his male consumer. This season however, he infused technical windbreakers, nylon bomber jackets and track suits with the kind of embroidery and applique seen in traditional tribes and artisanal craft. The beading and fringe contributed to this dialogue of craft, which was a nice counter balance to the urban aesthetic of the technical pieces and VLTN logo. Vivid colors, sturdy denim and heavy-duty outerwear rounded out the sporty meets craft theme of this spring collection.

RunwayMario AbadValentino