Topman Design Fall/Winter 2017

For Fall/Winter 2017, Topman will present to a large consumer base an omoron of conceptual pragmatism. Neon yellow sweatpants in tumbled leather to be more specific. It is this company’s sartorial duty as a fast fashion entity to be on the pulse of what is trending and recreate it at discount rates. What the design team has managed to do in recent seasons is establish an aesthetic idiosyncratic to Topman. While subscribing to the overarching style silhouettes that are dominating higher end runways. The influence is conspicuous but reinterpreted enough to forge an identity all its own. Technicolor and whimsical prints were at the backbone of the collection’s uniqueness and will translate festively into the consumer consciousness. Whether this speaks to who the Topman customer is per se is up for debate. What remains unquestionable is that this brand is pushing forward and cementing itself as a power player in the sphere of sought after design.