Rick Owens Spring/Summer 2019


A bit of a mixed bag, Rick Owens’ spring/summer 2019 runway show most certainly makes artistic statements in terms of garment length and the means of dressing one’s self, but I did not have full confidence in the show’s ability to make convincing arguments for practicality. Many of the garments seen throughout the show are cold in their demeanor and most definitely accessible through their everyday color schemes, but it is the actual means in which the garments are sewn that I confess trepidation over. Nearly all of the garments are intentionally oversized to the point where none can be singled out. One of those runway shows that seems to be better appreciated from a distance, I can not find many garments that would fit well into the usual man’s collection. However, that is not to say no one could find enjoyment in wearing these pieces. They are colored well, but personally lacking any bite to me.