Rick Owens Spring/Summer 2018


Rick Owens's subversive take on luxury and high fashion always takes us on a sort of introspective look at the true meaning behind clothes and what we want to portray with them. His approach is unyielding to the higher powers that be, meaning he can't be budged and swayed by the external forces shaping fashion. This sense of independence gives gravitas not only to his clothes but to the overall presentation. His laser sharp eye and focus on every detail goes unnoticed from the stage and set production to his casting of slender, waifish men with long locks and recessive features. His clothes can best be described as deconstructed and borderline avant-garde. This season, Owens true to form continued this narrative, proposing slashed tops and tees paired with super high-wasted trousers that constricted the torso but added volume and fluidity down the lower you go. What seemed like awkward proportions and skewed bunches of fabric actually resonated in their sense of chaos and destruction. An earth tone palate grounded the lineup with mellow tones and shades, suggesting that the Owens man is purposefully self-aware yet reticent in approach. 

RunwayMario Abadrick owens