Raf Simons Fall/Winter 2017


Welcome to Raf Simons’ imagination. In this imagination, young men wear generously fitting blazers and pants with graphic tees, or bare skin in waist coats, and pearl necklaces. Albeit incoherent, Simons exhibits a stylistic paradigm that keeps menswear pushing forward. Who will wear such clothing? It is likely that not very many men are up for the required risk taking. Having a visionary such as Simons in the industry is a treasure within itself. Minds like his can cater to commercial and accessible commerce without thought. It is far more interesting and creatively imperative that he feeds the masses in inventiveness. This collection is a complex showcase of incomparable talent. How it will guide the garmented angle of the lives of guys who care about the articles of clothing that cover their back, is perhaps the most exciting part of this experience. One can only assume that the display of invention and iconoclasm here is simply an outline for interpretation.