Qasimi Spring/Summer 2019


Playing it incredibly safe but understanding when to up the ante, Qasimi’s spring/summer 2019 runway show is an excellent example of bridging the gap between what the audience is used to and what they may soon be falling in love with. I particularly loved the denim jacket on top of a dark yellow dress shirt, as the dull colors help exemplify the very comfortable and familiar feeling of the runway show’s theme. Just as the audience becomes accustomed to the garments, Qasimi is very quick to change gears and introduce a new concept to the brand such as techwear, almost attempting to wake the viewer up and alert them to concepts they may normally not be accustomed to. I could see nearly all of these pieces fitting well into any man’s closet, as the tiny dashes of Qasimi’s originality which spread across the garments will do wonders for personalizing your wardrobe.