Prada Spring/Summer 2018


It was classic Prada in the sense of extraordinary ideas transfixed through ordinary clothes. Timeless topcoats and trousers in traditional men's fabrics - herringbone, tweed and gabardine - reimagined with forward-thinking stylistic elements and plays on cut and proportion. Ms. Prada was keen on emphasizing the boiler suit this season - a nylon jumpsuit evoking the rugged nature of working class attire, but with the luxury touch. The look which this collection orbited around was the aforementioned jumpsuit with sleeves pushed way up past elbow length, giving the shoulders a more imposing figure, capped off with a popped collar that was both distinctively modern and high-fashion. The second theme of this lineup revolved around graphic, comic book illustrations and prints, which emanated a surreal, abstract effect on everything from cardigans to super short shorts. It was just the kind of flourishing impact we've come to expect from the designer, one who revels in the rejection of conventional beauty and proposes new forms of it with aplomb and conviction. 

RunwayMario AbadPrada