Prada Fall/Winter 2017

Comparable to the 90s two opposing trends are happening in menswear as of late. Either brands are Avant Garde in their approach to streetwear or they are dispensing office wear from melodramatic 90s films. That Prada has taken on the form of the latter was an appropriate initial thought after seeing the first few looks at their Fall/Winter output. As the collection rolls on the style genre smoothly transitions into psychedelic 70s hipster with an impassioned statement to make. A cosmic switch occurs again midway as the sartorial perspective shifts to modernity in which patterned sweaters are worn with trousers and strapped sandals with socks. The waist length structured garage jackets with the over-lying collars are wardrobe enhancing. Miuccia Prada has an alchemist’s gift of dispensing novel creativity out of banal outlines. If seen as sketches without colors or patterns this collection would be a snooze-fest of endless convention. When brought to life by color and texture and pattern it is a master class in fresh and cutting edge designing. Leave it to the legends to infuse new life in the unexciting.