Ports 1961 Spring/Summer 2018


Designers as of late have been known to impart their ideological views of the current political climate around them into their clothes. Yet another designer is using his platform to shine a light on movements and groups whose messages of unity, acceptance and tolerance are in line with his is Ports 1961 creative director Milan Vukmirovic. His overarching theme was, of course, love, and chose to express this feeling with brightly colored tops and playful prints mixed and matched with jovial effect. The black lives matter movement in particular inspired Vukmirovic so much that he rendered a version of the name into t-shirts and sweaters, as well as fist pumps that have come to symbolize the importance of resistance in the wake of oppression. His upbeat clothes and visually arresting color combinations allowed this collection to breathe new life and create a much needed sense of optimism that the world needs today.

RunwayMario AbadPorts 1961