Ports 1961 Fall/Winter 2017

Menswear in Fall/Winter 2017 will follow a unifying motif of departure from sartorial expectations. Milan Vukmirovic is yet another creative director who has flipped the chessboard and reconfigured the Ports 1961 silhouettes we have come to know and fawn over. The garments in this collection, specifically the pants, have more volume than normal. Yet when the outerwear rolls out you know that you are watching a Ports 1961 presentation. The neon yellow jacket with large white stripes with a black turtleneck, white cargo pants and black lace up boots. Followed by the same jacket in red. Then an overcoat in red similarly styled with a black sweater with hanging panels and white pants with a block of black piping. The familiarity of Vukmirovic's aesthetic principles return and reassure the avid Ports 1961 fan that a departure does not mean obliteration of a favored taste level. Just as one bemoans the loss of what we have previously been exposed, the final model takes the runway in a sparkling striped sweater topped with a leather harness, distressed denim and red laced boots. Talk about a showstopper. Inventive, studied and wearable. Adjectives any sartorial maven can get behind.