Plein Sports Fall/Winter 2016

A presentation littered with theatrics and a strings version of Desiigner’s “Panda.” Inventiveness has never been a luminous quality for Phillip Plein. Kinetic energy imbued in over the top apparel is more his forte. When a creative sticks to the roots of his charm and appeal then success is the only result. Speaking candidly, the question of refinery in Plein’s taste level is perennially contentious. For someone who has paid close attention to the Plein brand it has become resonantly apparent that refinery and high taste level is not at the crux of this design entity. It is electricity and the metaphoric means by which it can bring clothing to life. The personality of the garments is of primal importance. Any given consumer who is of a certain make to pull off the hyper-stimulated product, will see the merit and craftsmanship in an exorbitant track suit with silver logos. Based solely on the strength of remaining true to his aesthetical roots, Plein has forged an empire that does not show any signs of slowing. This collection is just a small piece in a larger function.