Philipp Plein Spring/Summer 2018


Philipp Plein, known for his boastful presence and extravagant lifestyle, isn't really taken seriously by the fashion press, and one gets the sense that he's accepted that notion. His clothes are subpar - expensive yes, but that does not a special piece make. Crocodile skins and heavy chains, like the ones shown in this collection, indicate a sense of wealth but not necessarily class. What Plein is selling here is a lifestyle, or rather his lifestyle - one of endless parties, debauchery on private yachts, and global jetsetting. His clothes often play second-best, as evident by the abundance of tacky animal and flame embroideries plastered on underwhelming leather pants and t-shirts. But sometimes, lifestyle is really the end goal and what Plein has done is mold his social presence in a way that excites, provokes, and ultimately, sells.

RunwayMario Abadphilipp plein