Paul Smith Fall/Winter 2017

The threads of British heritage. With high touches of pink, a Paul Smith signature. Mr. Smith is the leading designer in championing the masculine exploration of bright colors. Colors often associated with femininity. He continuously pulls from the days of the rock n’ roll dandies. When men wearing hot pink suits and Cuban heeled Chelsea boots in leopard were a celebrated social transgression. This collection follows the Paul Smith tradition. Even the women who appeared in the show were dressed in such a menswear inspired manner that their looks could be interchangeable with the males. Thematically, we see dashes of American western throughout. The British spirit is coalesced authentically in each hem, shape and pattern. Mr. Smith’s more razor focused on the rock n’ roll style aesthetic was a refreshing divergence from his normal dabble in Savile Row collegiate rebellion. While it was not the freshest of outputs by this label, it prevails in being true to form and brand identity.