Parke & Ronen Spring/Summer 2019


A mix of swimwear and underpants, Parke & Ronen’s spring/summer 2019 runway show felt a bit uninspired, even if their beach theme was easily recognizable. The most interesting outfits within the show were when the theme was broken, and the models were more open to creative expression on levels such as outlandish bright blue long sleeves and matching pants. Models who had to stay with beach garments, which was the majority of the show, did not make me feel as though I should purchase any of these clothing pieces. I must give Parke & Ronen credit for creating a show where every garment is practical, but unfortunately this practicality comes from how boring some of the pieces can be. A pink dress shirt with the sleeves rolled up over a short bathing suit is a nice look, but why would I purchase these garments when I can easily recreate them myself? I do believe a man could add garments from this wardrobe to their collection, but I also believe they could recreate the exact same looks for far less.