Ovadia & Sons Fall/Winter 2017

Prep is no longer in step at Ovadia & Sons. Ariel and Shimon Ovadia have fashioned the style philosophy of streetwear as their new aesthetic. The offbeat endearing essence of the brand remains. In a congested market where options are at a surplus, having an individualized voice and injecting that in sartorial visibility is imperative for designers. The creative duo and twin brothers have a very attuned comprehension of who they are and what they intend to communicate. That fanny packs are cool is a message we can all hear lucidly. While there is something familiar about the styling and silhouettes displayed at the brand’s Fall/Winter presentation, the energy of the collection is a thing all its own. High fashion at its finest is emotionally responsive and viscerally engaging. In addition to exhibiting the latter, Ovadia & Sons clothing is handsomely constructed and well made. It looks super luxe and worth every penny. It may not be the most innovative output of the season but it most certainly is one of the most refined.