Oteyza Spring/Summer 2019

More of a theatrical performance than a traditional garment display, Oteyza’s spring/summer 2019 runway show helped showcase some great practical pieces with a ton of showmanship. Towards the beginning of the show I grew worried over whether these elaborate dance moves would translate well enough to convince me to fall in love with the garments, and surprisingly, it did. Most of the pieces within the collection centered around simply colored suits, light tans and dark blacks strutting across the runway with a sleek confidence. I could easily see many men enjoying these garments, as I particularly enjoyed the plum colored suit, helping to spice up some of the other plainly colored garments. Some parts of the runway show were definitely meant to be purely artistic (such as when pants were occasionally cut to flow like dresses), but overall the performance piece that came with the show did not hinder my recognition of the garments themselves.