Off-White Fall/Winter 2017

Chic tailoring in pastoral settings is always a great place to start. Similar to the show’s soundtrack, the collection was a display of ethereal refinery adorned by an urban sensibility. When ambient music, trap and jazz make it onto the same track one gets a better understanding of how the terms “urban” and “ethereal” can be used as conjunctional descriptors for one presentation. The first two looks (teal tops with light denim and white bottoms, respectively, under sand shaded outerwear) precisely established this blend. As the show progressed the items got more aggressive in conceptual detail. The sweaters were more oversized, the graphics on the outerwear more discursive. The bomber and leather jackets were evidently influenced by the street style zeitgeist. The way in which creative director Virgil Abloh designs them is a mark of someone with an encyclopedic understanding of branding and image association. Off-White is an entity that is only going to get better as time goes on. It will be a cemented household name for decades to come. This collection is hard evidence of it.