Neil Barrett Fall/Winter 2017


The return of the fanny pack. In Fall of 2017 Neil Barrett will be departing from his signature camouflage print. Pattern, however, is still his staple. He intermixes soft architectural shapes with mainly primary neutrals and a splash of color (i.e. red patterns and yellow knitwear) for a balance of astutely devised tailoring and brand recognition. Neil Barrett perfects downtown chic with an overcasting air of regality. His clothes are for the guys who can populate a royal hall for dinner and then take an Uber to a dive bar thereafter. He will likely turn heads in both settings. This line represents the contemporary renaissance gentlemen with a daring disposition. He plays with shapes and will wear an oversized double breasted sport coat with fitted joggers and Chelsea boots. The style complex of Neil Barrett, while contemporary in its charm and relevance in the market, is inimitable. The aesthetic has a niche focus but this output has the potential to expand.