N°21 Fall/Winter 2017

Dapper school boy. Upscale preppy. Graduated hipster. In Alessandro Dell’Acqua’s creative paradigm street style (certainly the most overused word by this editor) needs a revamp. His solution is an amalgam of stylistic attitudes infused into the now customary streetwear of today. The topcoat with hoodie underneath and trousers with lace up brogues is not inventive or specifically visionary. Just well executed. The bomber jackets worn with plaid shirts tied around the waist and black trousers with thick oxfords, a little more distinctive. Still very well executed. In assessing any form of creative expression, it feels as if novelty is typically the singular indicator of adeptness. Great creations do not always have to be original in the traditional sense of the word. Sometimes originality comes in the way a commonly used technique or silhouette is manipulated and personalized to the person telling a specific story. The story of the graduated hipster with upscale preppy who will always be a dapper school boy but a little edgier and more self-assured is a narrative that works sufficiently for Dell’Acqua’s Fall/Winter collection.