Munsoo Kwon Spring/Summer 2018


Korean designer Munsoo Kwon presented his spring collection at the Armani Theatre, where Giorgio Armani himself handpicks a young, rising designer to present there each season. The space allowed Kwon to present his lineup of off-kilter tailoring, slouchy sweaters and oversized trench coats. His knack for bold, whimsical detail was evident through bright, colorful sweaters in jarring patterns as well as mismatched shoes. Camouflage prints and large stripes also filtered through tanks and long coats. The strength of this collection was rooted in his simplicity through silky, relaxed loungewear such as sinuous bathrobes and luxe pajama suits. While proposing quirky elements here and there can be a refreshing touch, some of these did not work, such as large shoulders on suit jackets that appeared to pop out and droop awkwardly mid-arm. More of his best work would have been ideal – fluid, belted trousers with the perfect amount of volume, and the aforementioned loungewear – but his ability to incorporate his unique flair to mundane clothes is a step in the right direction.

RunwayMario Abadmunsoo kwon