MSGM Fall/Winter 2017

For his Fall/Winter outfit Massimo Giorgetti employs quirky styling as a mechanism of showmanship. Disregarding the elements of quirk that define the presentation, the garments are approachable. Men with style would know how to integrate them into a pre-existing wardrobe. The scarves wrapped around the heads and above the ankle white gym socks with tasseled penny loafers added a touch of camp to clothes that are on the cusp of trend culture. Collectively, this is what guys today are wearing. The bomber jackets, overstuffed parkas and monochromatic sweat suits are ingrained in the sartorial vibes of modernity. What Giorgetti has done with this collection is transmit eccentricity in perspective through very conventional silhouettes. On their own merit the clothes coherently translate to the average man of style, they are not metaphorically pedantic or complicated. While not wildly original or imaginative, still substantial and appealing. To be able to communicate so concisely to the zeitgeist while retaining an individualized perspective is indicative of skill and wit. Giorgetti, by way of his creations, proves to be owner of both.