Moncler Gamme Bleu Fall/Winter 2017

Without prior knowledge, the extent of the theatrics, the red and white stripes and hyperextended proportions are synonymously Thom Browne. Bondage mountaineering, pattern blocking, overstuffed coats, uniformity, all intrinsic parts of Browne’s conceptual DNA. Somehow within the whimsical affectation of it all there is a retention of the Moncler design aesthetic. The collection appears to be an inconceivably ingenious intersecting of both dimensions. The utilitarianism of Moncler is heightened by the fantastical spirit of Thom Browne. Set in the frigidity of snow afflicted winter, the context in addition to the clothes were literal and exaggerated takes on the brand’s heritage. Showmanship is not common within the menswear landscape. Most of the visual artist delve into womenswear and stay put. When such effort is put forth by a master it is worth the praise. Not every show has to feature ready to wear garments. Some shows are conceived to dare us to dream. Thom Browne, we are dreaming all right!