Mans Concept & Menswear Spring/Summer 2019

In what felt like more of creative showmanship than any attempt at actual practical viability, Mans Concept & Menswear spring/summer 2019 runway show felt like an incomplete idea meant for a much larger plan. Garments seen throughout the show just felt very uninspired, and there did not exist many moments where I found myself impressed. This is sad to say, as I can indeed tell there is an inkling of creativity leaking out from the pipe of playing it safe, but nothing truly artistic comes to fruition. I particularly didn’t enjoy the men’s suit with pants cut into shorts, giving off a confusing look of indecisive concepts. Perhaps in a different season Mans Concept & Menswear will make some further attempts to strike a firmer balance of creativity and user practicality, but nothing of the sort showed its face during this collection.