Lucio Vanotti Fall/Winter 2017

Lucio Vanotti has a point of view. An eccentric one, to be more explicit. Asymmetrical lines on oversized silhouettes seems an unlikely pair. In the context of Vanotti and in a very iconoclastic way, it works. The shapes are off-centered but still pleasing to the naked eye. The pinstripe double-breasted unlined blazers are winners. There is an ease and comfort imbued in them, based off looks alone. When a creative director adopts a well-established design aesthetic it is imperative that they put an individualized mark on it. To do so in a manner that is not gimmicky or inartistically cartoonish takes ample talent, skill and a tailored perspective. All three are evident in this collection. The product and its appeal are niche because they are honed to a specific market. Vanotti has added to the long-lasting trend of oversized garments, while declaring himself as a unique voice. To do so in tandem is a merit worth mentioning. 3 ½ cufflinks.