Lucien Pellat Finet Spring/Summer 2018


While deciding an outfit for the beach isn’t by any means complicated – instead, it’s rather straightforward and simple – Lucien Pellat Finet decided to take the surf-wear concept and turn it on its head. His presentation was a crash course in adding spark and personality to your outfit for your next surf-side destination. Speedos in bright, neon colors and leopard prints were paired with either tropical short-sleeved oxford shirts or a scuba top layered under a cashmere tank, finished off with easy slides. For those less daring, his lineup included shorts of various lengths, from the super-short to the standard board short. His prints were all over the place, from full on zebra on elastic pants to multi-colored argyle on vests. It was refreshing to see the designer take a theme as straight-forward as surf and incorporate whimsical touches throughout. While some pieces could have been left out entirely – namely the letterman jacket and pinstripe ensemble – it was a decidedly unique and cohesive collection of beachwear essentials for all types of men.