Louis Vuitton Fall/Winter 2017

Uniforms are a mainstay in high fashion. From monochromatism to formulaic tailoring, consistency in dressing is a highly valued principle in the evaluation of style. Kim Jones at Louis Vuitton has taken the latter up to task. For Fall/Winter he utilized a uniformed silhouette (unfitted elongated tops and forgiving pants with a slight break) and color scheme of neutrals to illustrate how variety can be sparsely integrated into a viably stylish wardrobe. The collection in its entirety looked as if it belonged in the same closet, owned by the same person. This is a feat not very common in fashion shows, even for those menswear brands in which sartorial expression is limited. The printed silk shirts along with the fabrication on many of the pieces read more youthful. Yet the line presented was not saturated with it. The necessity of elegance in luxury was not compromised or overpowered by the spoils of youth. Overall it was a successful exploit, worthy of the throne in which the LV brand has thrust itself as the most revered name in the luxury market.