Les Hommes Fall/Winter 2017

These garments were defined by their aggressive shapes. It was heavy on hardware, i.e. draping straps with metal closures, etc. The latter was a mere physicality of the label’s electrically charged attitude. Overall, the collection was uniformed in styling but in the best way possible. Not indiscernible from one another but complimentarily in sync. Design duo Tom Notte and Bart Vandebosch are indicative of creatives who understand the market in which they plan to infiltrate, and do so with a distinct perspective. The asymmetrical collars layered over the coats, sweaters and even suits, while an acquired taste, are engineered with craftsmanship and not gimmicky. This is telling of the kind of voice and vision at the helm of Les Hommes. This brand is under well-studied creative direction and is poised to thrive because of that. Plus, men of many ages and lifestyles will find attractive merit in the product offering. 3 ½ cufflinks