Lemaire Spring/Summer 2018


The minimalistic space is a crowded one, with more and more designers wanting to partake in fashion’s obsession with clean, simple lines. The pared down aesthetic has worked wonders for Christophe Lemaire and Sarah Linh Tran, the design duo behind Lemaire. But in addition to constructing easy, understated clothes, they have managed to infuse excitement and energy into the brand while other minimal labels fall trap to bland territory. Shades of rust, deep green and salmon stood out as colors minimally-inclined men will be keen to add to their black and white wardrobe. Adding layers for warmer temperatures can be a difficult task, but the light weight trench coats, blousons and knee length shirts shown here provide for easy, transitional layering. Pants were cut high at the waist and varied between a tapered, ankle-length cut and a full-blown double-pleated billowing number. Fine-knit tanks under utilitarian shirt/coat hybrids emanated the cool, calm and collected feel of street style stars and European tastemakers alike. While tucking in one’s dress shirt might come off as outdated to some, the ones here tucked under the high-waisted trousers had that special, hard-to-find amalgam of insouciance and conviction every man will be drawn to. 

RunwayMario AbadLemaire