Lemaire Fall/Winter 2017

Lemaire's Fall/Winter output was an elevated casualization of dress trousers. Pairing them with sweaters, army button ups, matte leather Chelsea boots or lace up moc toe with foam soles provides a mapping of how men will want to dress when autumn falls upon us, no pun intended. Lightly fabricated overcoats and flowing double-breasted blazers made apt appearances. Throughout the show, the pants featured ranged in volume from tapered and cropped to aggressively oversized. Many of them were flat fronts, while the show stoppers were pleated. The color palette was neutral based with cashew tan serving as the pop. Nothing was overstated and yet everything packed a punch. Soft tailoring was a unique trope that was tactfully employed, as the clothes draped handsomely over the models. Among the plethora of flattering descriptors ascribed to this collection, its most shining quality was how cohesive and edited it was. Each garment individually and collectively represented a forward-thinking point of view, providing a glimpse into Christophe Lemaire‘s conceptual universe. Creativity in fashion is most impactful when it gets the consumer to question how he dresses, with a desire to want to refine or redefine his style.