Lanvin Spring/Summer 2018


Presenting a clashing of sorts between sportswear and tailoring, activewear and traditional men's fabrics, Lucas Ossendrijver sought to make a statement about the chaotic, frenzied nature of the times we live in. This translated into a mixture of elements that at first glance seem polar opposites, but the result was convincing and contemporary. The long, linear coat over a poofy workwear jumpsuit in the first look set the tone for a collection that was all about balance. Taking these disparate fashion cues and putting them together could have gone all wrong were it not for Ossendrijver’s modern take on menswear and excellent taste. He has lead the mens division of Lanvin for over a decade, a particularly refreshing and noteworthy fact considering the inner turmoil of the brand’s women’s division. Perhaps this is why so many men are drawn to his work. There is always a sense of familiarity and cohesion in his clothes that resonate season to season. While the styling choices for this lineup seem to contradict that steady notion, there is no denying the individual appeal of the quality of his clothes.

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