Lanvin Fall/Winter 2017

A stimulating display of multiple personalities. From sophisticate to hippie to abstract expressionist. This collection offers something for every demeanor and social affiliation. The styling exhibited is a form of craftsmanship. Rhythm is visible in the way the clothes are assembled. This is glaringly apparent in the way the Bordeaux rain coat is worn over a lime green shirt and white pants with black boots. There is a balance at play. When odd pairings are aesthetically pleasing then there is a premeditated know how involved. The latter is also true of the soft insertion of nineties grunge. An overarching motif is the accentuation of norm core. What is presented for Fall/Winter at the house of Lanvin is a divergence from the sartorially inaccessible world of high fashion. In its place is a very approachable take on the contemporary climate of cultural connectivity. The feelings that are extracted from Lucas Ossendrijver‘s garments transcend mere admiration. They are polished touchstones or rather entrance points into the zeitgeist. This is not to proclaim the clothes as subject of ephemera. It is to simply state that Ossendrijver pays attention, as he should. The luckiest of us will get to move along to his rhythm. The rest of us, unfortunately, will just have to keenly admire from afar.