Landlord Spring/Summer 2019


A prime example of artistic expression over viable practicality, Landlord’s spring/summer 2019 runway show left me in awe at the complexity of its garments, but I felt a little disappointed in the actual accessibility of the outfits. There is a strong industrial influence behind the pieces, reminiscent of Virgil Abloh’s “Off-White” brand, resulting in a runway show that is very complex in its creative endeavors. As a spectator, I loved the neon cut out squares seemingly sewed onto the garments, but as a consumer I most enjoyed the more simplistic military approaches. I do indeed think a man could find a few pieces to add to his personal wardrobe, but most certainly nothing to ever wear in a professional setting. Far too much effort was put into creating a great runway show instead of an actual viable collection of clothing to wear, and this creative flex by the designer is disappointing. If as much effort was put into each garment’s accessibility as there was in its artistic expression, we’d have a fantastic collection.