Kenzo Spring/Summer 2019

I must give credit for the brand’s ability to stay strong to a consistent theme, but I found Kenzo’s Spring/Summer 2019 runway show a bit underwhelming in not only its risks, but its artistic exploration. Normally, I would not want a brand to be too artistic since it may inhibit the practicality and accessibility of a piece to the general audience, but Kenzo was so lacking in any expression that I felt confused. I give the runway show credit for choosing a color and sticking with it (mostly yellow), and utilizing the different shades of that color to create the outfit, but very rarely does this lead to anything notable. One of the only pieces I truly enjoyed was the blue polka dot colored overcoat, but perhaps that was only because I was being treated with a garment that had some extra push to be intriguing. Any man could find pieces to wear within this collection as most of it is practical, but the reason behind this accessibility is because of how bland the show was. Finding a balance between artistic expression and accessibility is important, and Kenzo felt lost in that respect.