J.W. Anderson Spring/Summer 2018


Drawing upon the every day ordinariness of clothing, Jonathan Anderson expressed his vision for Spring with basic, casual clothes that most men already have in their closet. The “fashion” and “gender-bending” element Anderson has experimented with throughout his career took a back seat this season in order to emphasize no-fuss, simple garments that are more going-to-the-mall than avant-garde. Was his focus on simplicity successful? Some looks did in fact raise an eyeball or two for how plain it appeared on the runway. White t-shirts, denim shorts, khakis, flip flops – it was almost shocking for how rudimentary it came off. Nevertheless, the J.W. Anderson effect was still visible such as in statement trenches and dazzling wide leg pants. But these were few and far in between. Graphic hoodies and sweatshirts with the J.W logo made up the rest of the lineup. It was interesting to see how the strongest statement Anderson seemed to have made was how expecting the unexpected can sometimes be a refreshing sentiment.  The ordinary man will scratch his head if he were to look at the price tags of these alarmingly simple garments, but perhaps the plainness of it all will trigger his loyal following realize how much they need these basic pieces in their exceedingly fashion-focused repertoire.