Joseph Abboud Fall/Winter 2017

One can justifiably ponder why the moniker Joseph Abboud does not roll off the tongues of fashion enthusiasts in the way his peers may. What he designs is far beyond reach and worthy of praise and consecration. The latter descriptor is apt considering the context of a church used as a background for the designer’s Fall/Winter showcase. The models were aloof but affecting as they swaggered down the runway in coats with shearling trims, velvet hats and oblong shaped boots. While the following adjective is not commonly employed when discussing menswear, there was something obliquely romantic about the collection. The man wearing these garments is not run of the mill in how he presents himself or in his disposition. Albeit a bit enigmatic, he is a guy who has a softness not to be mistaken for social impotence. His good looks and charm are vapid but the details of his character, along with how he expresses it, are scholarly. The clothes presented here are for the new age Renaissance man. This is the kind of man every guy wants to be. With Abboud’s aesthetic guidance, perhaps now we all can be.