John Varvatos Fall/Winter 2017

John Varvatos is the electric clothier. His style is a mélange of old western, 20th century rock n’ roll and hardened dandyism. The velvet, leopard printed and at times rustic outerwear presented are cornerstones indicative of Mr. Varvatos’ sartorial identity. An appearance from Machine Gun Kelly as just one of the models illustrates how on the pulse of the times the designer is. Being aware of the spirit of the epoch is integral for any brand, whether storied or burgeoning. From a visceral angle, the clothes are exquisitely designed and assiduously executed. The garments have personalities all their own, and they are styled with gusto and narrative. Excellence is threaded in the expectation of Varvatos. When he in turn delivers chillingly good looking and contemporary gems, the bar is raised yet again. This is a man whose creations will attain a legacy all their own, on the backs of most dashing and daring men around the world.