Hermes Spring/Summer 2018

Tapping into the cultural zeitgeist of streetwear, Hermes men’s designer Veronique Nichanian elevated of-the-moment sporty pieces with panache and flair. Track suits, parkas and hoodies were layered under classic Hermes tailored suits with a fit that’s neither too roomy nor fitted. The use of color was especially rich and strong, with burgundy giving way to punchy greens and bright reds on everything from nylon pants to shiny windbreakers. The whole collection was grounded in feather-weight lightness, which allowed for easy spring layering without the typical bulk of winter garments. Plain white sneakers and black sandals underscored the simplicity of Nichanian’s take on modern dressing – practical, stylish, not ostentatious. Combining both activewear and suiting together into one cohesive message is an appropriate statement for the ways guys want to dress.