Hed Mayner Spring/Summer 2018

Rising designer Hed Mayner put forth a series of austere, yet highly covetable pieces rendered in a minimal color palette but bold in silhouette. His draping skills were in full force here, with sharp tucks and intricate folds permeating throughout from slouchy toggle coats to elongated asymmetrical jackets. There was a sense of purity in this collection underscored by the softness of the presentation – a pared down, simplicity that heightened the senses in order to focus on each individual garment. Billowing trousers and constricting, sleeveless vests layered over voluminous jackets captivated the eye and was a master class in proportion and cut. A high-waisted, pleated gray trouser was just one of the many standout pieces in this collection of dramatic yet wearable looks. Plain, straight-legged blue jeans served as a canvas for the more conceptual pieces, adding another dimension of the cool factor this brand is skewing towards. If this outing is a foreshadowing of things to come, keep this label in your radar for hopefully more of the clear precision shown here as well as beautiful, sleek volumes and shapes.