Haider Ackermann Spring/Summer 2018

Haider Ackermann collection, whether a men’s or a women’s offering, is known for its signature louche, languid aesthetic. The clothes cling to the body but at the same time can slip off carelessly, or even effortlessly. That same mood trickled its way into his men’s outing for Spring 2018: sleeves of shirts were rolled up ever so slightly, chests were bare under roomy silk tops, and ankles were exposed ever so seductively. The majority of looks were rendered in black and white, a sort of stark contrast to the rich, bright colorways we’ve seen Ackermann use in the past, but nevertheless what was lacking in color was replaced with a stripe/dot scenario that made a case for some humor. Some of those patterns were pretty straightforward, and others were a bit more abstract, chaotic even. Just when we think we have Ackermann figured out, out comes a few pastel suits in lavender and mint that makes us yearn for more, yet appreciate what is already there. Just another day in Ackermann’s tantalizing, subversive world.