Haider Ackermann Fall/Winter 2017

This forthcoming season will be marked by the tailored vibrancy of Haider Ackermann’s rock n’ roll. His Fall/Winter effort evokes the sartorial rhythm of the 80s with the evolved style sensibility of today. Ackermann’s design aesthetic has the power to create new layers of personality for those smooth enough to indulge in it. His is the kind of clothing that packs a punch without the preceding hype or pretense. We do not simply want to own the product, we want to be the type of people of whom it is made for. To wear Haider Ackermann is to embody a bold and unapologetic sense of self that translates without character defining dialogue. From the velvet pants with a flame pattern on the side, to the white and black sweater in a hounds tooth pattern tucked into pinstripe pants, it all feels so smartly conceived and inventive. It plays off an era of the past but is current. Ackermann’s is the look that requires authentic attitude and organic panache. No hashtags, no filters, just style!