Grungy Gentlemen Fall/Winter 2017

The Grungy Gentlemen experience included recognizable social media faces as frat boys. A bevy of collaborations, including the Knicks, Rangers, Indiana University and Timberland to name a few. All of which aided the brand's insert into the now pervasive genre of athleisure. It is worth asking where in the sphere of intellectualizing fashion does clothing that looks like it can be purchased in a campus bookstore fit in? Providing commentary on non stylish threads is challenging when even a solid motif behind said garments is not identifiable. New genres of sartorial capacities emerge every few years. Some really stick. Athletic high end clothing styled as everyday streetwear is certainly extending its tenure. What many brands do successfully is find elevated means to interject the concept of athleisure in way that still reads high fashion. Jade Lipstein at Grungy Gentlemen exhibited no such creativity. The construction and execution of the individual pieces were remarkably of note. Yet the presentation and styling read introductory level school project. A designer finding his footing in a scholastic setting of the earliest development, perhaps. If Lipstein wants to play in the big leagues it is imperative that he ups the conception ante, pronto!