Gosha Rubchinskiy Fall/Winter 2017

Gosha Rubchinskiy is a staple in the continually evolving dialogue about sartorial representation. The element of a narrative for each model introduced a different dynamic between audio and visual. Instead of setting a tone for the clothing, the narration provided a backstory and context for what each model wore. Telling a proverbial story is nothing like telling an actual one. Advanced creativity relies heavily on symbolism and subtext; both are very much present here but in a much more intriguingly straightforward manner. Rubchinskiy is less interested in presenting style statements as he is in pushing forth a sharp point of view that is idiosyncratic to his brand. The aesthetic he achieves is a staple of the zeitgeist. It is how young men are dressing today. Out of the context of youth culture it is difficult to gauge on what level Rubchinskiy’s craft can be scaled. It certainly ranks in a league of its own, but still feels like everything else out there in the best way possible. A plastic pocket on a standard blue button up, approachable and abstract. 3 ½ cufflinks.