Givenchy Spring/Summer 2019


It’s not often I find myself enjoying the accessories more than the actual garments they are attached to during a runway show, but Givenchy’s spring/summer 2019 collection was absurdly inventive in the materials that helped hold the integrity of the outfits together. I particularly enjoyed the belts seen within the show, enjoyably oversized to act as a means to draw attention towards the lower half of the outfit. Oversized bags draped in the GIVENCHY signature bounced off models backs as I began to analyze and wonder why exactly I was so enthralled in the show. I found the actual men’s garments themselves a bit… by the numbers. That is not to say however the show itself was a flop, as the accessories such as belts and bags helped funnel more credibility into the outfits they were attached to. I think any man could find suitable garments to add into his personal wardrobe from this collection, but I’d make sure you actually enjoy the entire outfit… not just the belt.