Giorgio Armani Fall/Winter 2017


Among the many things to expect from Giorgio Armani, in regards to his super high end eponymous label, is experimentation with pairing, i.e. a tailored unlined blazer in jersey knit with voluminous velvet pants. Or a velvet Bordeaux blazer and matching tie over a suit that married blue and grey in luminescence. Armani’s firm footing in proficient designs makes commenting on his attention to detail sacrilege. It seems far more appropriate to speak on his crafted volition in putting a cardigan over a collarless double breasted jacket that hits above the waist. We can move past the perfectionism displayed and ponder why Armani makes the choices he does when it comes to styling. Why does he want me, the man looking to achieve or maintain noteworthy style, to wrap a fur sweater around my cashmere sweater of which is worn with glitter specked velvet pants? When a master is providing instructions, however obscure, the wisest thing to do is to oblige. In a way that makes sense for one’s personal flair of course.