Frankie Morello Fall/Winter 2017

Frankie Morello’s most recent output evokes artisanal refinery, a breed of handcrafted luxe. The message is as follows: why admire art when you can wear it? As the show progressed the garments were increasingly electrifying. The energy emitted from the clothes were palpable, even when being viewed through a 2D screen. The latter is due in great part to the pervasive presence of metallic pants. The lines and silhouettes were not intergalactic, yet they appeared heavily inspired by space age. Thematically Morello’s effort was inconsistent. We were presented with archaic olive parkas paneled in intriguing patterns, alongside metallic bottoms, with blazers whose patterns appeared to be 3D printed. While every piece shown was meticulously constructed and aesthetically pleasing, as a collective it did very little to educate us on who Morello is as an artist, and what he truly intended to communicate to the already saturated market of high end clothing.